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Hello, Dean Tersigni here, founder of SecularMusic.org.

I've created this site for two primary reasons. The first reason is to provide a list of songs and musicians that are of a secular nature so that secular listeners can find new music that fits their worldview.

The second reason is more personal to me and involves my childhood as a Christian. Growing up around Christian music, I grew a real connection to music with lyrics that fit my beliefs. However, as my beliefs changed, I started to loathe the lyrics of the songs I used to adore. For example, Amazing Grace begins, "how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me." These days, I don't consider myself a wretch because my fictitious ancestors ate magic fruit. Thus, this collection of songs allows me to find new music that I can have a connection with that fits my current ideals.

If you were raised secular, you'll be able to enjoy all of these songs, but I hope the other lapsed Christians using this site will get the same joy out of these lyrics as I do.

My first lecture on "Secular Music".