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The beginning of the artist page should be a brief explaination of their birth, major bands they've worked with, and if applicable, their death.


This section should include notable quotes and reasons for the artist's secular world view. Each quote should be sourced so researchers can use this site for publications about secular musicians.


This section should focus on the musical aspects of the artist's life including which genres of music they play, which bands they've played with, which instruments they use, etc.

Associated Songs

This is a list of each secular song they've helped create.


Here are some criteria for which songs should be added to the Wiki:

  • Add songs that mock, profane, blaspheme, or in some other way insult religious dogma (e.g., Only the Good Die Young).
  • Add songs that honor science and reason over mysticism or the supernatural (e.g., Science Is Real).
  • Add songs that parody religious people by quoting them (e.g., I Believe).
  • Add songs that feature good-natured ribbing of atheism, while also mocking religion (e.g., Atheists Don't Have No Songs).
  • Add songs that are often labeled as being anti-religious, but aren't (e.g., Losing My Religion).
  • Add songs with ambiguous lyrics that could easily be interpreted as being anti-dogmatic (e.g., Innuendo).
  • Do NOT add songs that suggest replacing one religion with another.
  • Do NOT add songs that are solely about science unless they also poke fun at dogma.


The main article for each song should just be facts about the song and a brief obvious description. To add your personal opinion of the lyrics, make a section with your user name in the Discussion page. Please add your section to the end of the page and do not alter the opinions of anyone else.


Songs can be embedded from various sources. The official music video should be first, and then the official album version. Live videos and various other forms should be added after that.


The lyrics section should include the full lyrics of the song including each verse and chorus written out in their entirety. Short hand should not be used.


This site is not meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia on music in general, so genre pages should only include a brief explanation of the genre, notable artists of the genre, a list of secular artists who play in the genre, and a list of songs that use the genre.