Acid Tongue

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Acid Tongue

Acid Tongue.jpg
Performer: Jenny Lewis
Album: Acid Tongue
Released: September 23, 2008
Recorded: January 2008, Sound City Studios, Van Nuys
Genres: Alternative country, Folk, Indie
Composer: Jenny Lewis
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Length: 3:54

Acid Tongue is the eponymous track off the Jenny Lewis album. The song is about a woman who meets a man wanting to fix her. But, as the song explains, she is quite worldly, having lived through relationships, drugs, rehabilitation, and so on, and she prefers a life with ups and downs over the depressing life of a religious person.


Album version, no video.


I went to a cobbler
to fix a hole in my shoe
he took one look at my face and said
"I can fix that hole in you."
I beg your pardon, I'm not looking for a cure
I've seen enough from my friends
in the depths of the God-sick blues

You know I am a liar
You know I am a liar
Nobody helps a liar

'Cause I've been down to Dixie
and dropped acid on my tongue
tripped upon the land 'til enough was enough
I was a little bit lighter and
adventure on my sleeve
I was a little drunk and looking for company
So I found myself a sweetheart
with the softest of hands
we were unlucky in love but I'd do it all again

we built ourselves a fire
we built ourselves a fire
you know I am a liar
you know I am a liar

and you don't know what I've done

and by the rollin' river
is exactly where I was
there was no snake oil cure for unlucky in love
to be lonely is a habit
like smoking or taking drugs
and I've quit them both
but man, was it rough

and now I am tired
it just made me tired
let's build ourselves a fire
let's build ourselves a fire